My Process
While all projects are unique and every client has different requirements, my process tends to follow the same tried and true steps. Below I have outlined what my process typically looks like:
Project briefing

For clients who have some experience working with an illustrator, this might be done via email, but I usually prefer to conduct these over the phone (Zoom, FaceTime or Skype). This gives us a chance to get to know one-another, ask questions and align on project goals.
Before commencing any work, I need to know the following:

Deliverables:  What is the work and where will it be used?

Budget:  What costs have you estimated for the project?
Timeline:  Are there any deadlines driving the project?

Note that rush jobs (projects that require an urgent or tight turnaround) are usually billed at a higher rate. If the work is required within 24 hours, it may be as high as double the normal rate.

Payment schedules

Based on the information above I will create an quote and once approved I will invoice 50% of the project up-front. The remaining 50% is then invoiced upon final file transfer and project completion.
For longer term, or more complex projects, I may break those payments into phases, or request a greater percentage up-front.

Ideation and sketches
Depending on the complexity of the project, these may be light sketches to convey a conceptual approach, or I may produce more comprehensive layouts (comps) when more detail is needed. I usually supply at least three directions — sometimes more. These are normally in greyscale and are accompanied by any images that help communicate the colours, style or aesthetic I intend to achieve.​​​​​​​
Sketches sent to IDW publishing
I am often asked how many rounds of revisions i offer, and I usually say three rounds of revisions. However, the reality is that I will keep working on an idea until we get it right, so long as they are reasonable requests and to the benefit of the project I will continue to fine-tune. The majority of revisions should be done before final execution of the artwork commences. 
Revisions (right) made to the original sketch (on the far left)
Artwork Rendering
Once a direction has be chosen I begin work on the final rendering of the artwork. This is typically done digitally. Once the artwork is sent over for review I can make colour tweaks and typographic changes if necessary, but any excessive revisions, such as repainting or redrawing outside of the agreed upon sketch may be billed at $125/hr. Once approved I will export any necessary assets, and supply the high resolution files, along with the remaining invoice.
Process from initial sketch, through to revision, and final rendered artwork.
Thanks for your interest!

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